Sorcery has been on my radar since it was revealed alongside the PlayStation Move two years ago at E3. As an action/fantasy RPG combo, it was supposed to be the Move game that attracted hardcore gamers to Sony's motion controllers.

After hanging out at Sony Santa Monica for a couple hours, I can say with confidence that it's still got that potential. There's a wonderful variety of spells and enemies, and the story and environments are more charming than even the more recent Fable games.

But if you're looking for the next Fable-like RPG, you might be disappointed by the game's lack of depth in areas other than combat. There are no dialogue trees, complex economies or inventory management systems. In Sorcery, it's all about the action—and feeling like a real sorcerer's apprentice.

To that end, the developers of Sorcery have taken advantage of the Move in more and smarter ways than any other Move-centric game yet.

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