"Resident Evil 6" Premium Edition Puts all Other Collection Editions to Shame

"Resident Evil 6" Premium Edition Puts all Other Collection Editions to Shame

Expensive collectors editions for AAA games have become the norm these days: Uber-fans can show their favorite franchises some love by paying an extra 40-90 bucks for concept art, day-one DLC and, my personal favorite, a plastic statue. If you like these kinds of rewards, than they're well-worth the price: If not, it's hard not to wonder why they keep making them.

If you think spending $100-$150 seems questionable, than you're gonna love this: Capcom unveiled that Japanese "premium edition" of Resident Evil 6: The series' ultimate fans will be shelling out ¥100,000, ($1,300 USD) to pick up the highly unorthodox package.

To be fair, for $1,300, you aren't getting standard gamer-swag. In addition to the game, the package comes with four character-specific phone cases designed for Leon, Chris, new protagonist Luke and... another "secret" character. More to the point, it also comes with a leather jacket designed after the one Leon wears. The jacket comes in sizes S-XL.

As you might expect, this is a very limited edition: they're making 5,000 sets, total. If you can play the game in Japanese or are into paying around 1,500 dollars for a leather jacket (after shipping costs), than you can pre-order it now. Capcom will stop taking pre-orders on June 11th.

If nothing else, Capcom is releasing one of the most expensive video game editions ever. Getting your hands on a piece of history like that has to be worth something, right?

[From Capcom via SiliconEra]

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