Maxis May Make "SimOcean" After They're Done with "SimCity"

Maxis May Make "SimOcean" After They're Done with "SimCity"

It looks like the upcoming SimCity remake may be the first step in a larger campaign to restore the luster of Maxis' Sim franchise. (Outside of The Sims, of course.) EA has filed a European copyright for SimOcean, which means it may be the first offshoot of the new SimCity.

In the days before The Sims re-branded the entire franchise, Maxis made a whole series of Sim games ranging from the focused micromanagement of SimTower, to controlling the path of evolution in SimLife. SimOcean would be a completely new Sim-experience, presumably putting players in control of an undersea ecosystem... or something else set in a large body of water.

Since SimCity isn't coming out until 2013, I wouldn't expect to hear too much more about SimOcean for at least a little while.

[Via SiliconEra]

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