"Crysis 3" Comes out of Hiding, Hits Stores "Spring 2013"

"Crysis 3" Comes out of Hiding, Hits Stores "Spring 2013"

After leaked product details from EA outed the development of Crysis 3 last week, EA has officially announced that the "sandbox shooter" is on the way, and is on track to release next spring.

In the year 2047, Crysis 2 protagonist Prophet returns to New York on a quest for revenge against the Ceph corporation, who has put a massive nanobubble called the "Liberty Dome" on the city, sealing it off from the outside world. In the years since Prophet left, nature has retaken New York, transforming it into a unique ecosystem with seven "distinct and treacherous" environments for players to explore.

EA has also taken the announcement as an opportunity to get a head start enticing players with pre-order bonuses. Pre-ordering the game will net players Crysis 3: Hunter Edition, which adds a five-level head start in multiplayer, which grants early access to that nifty composite bow on the box cover, along with a special nanosuit module.

In addition to that baseline pre-order bonus, there are three additional retailer-exclusive bonuses, though it hasn't been released which retailers will be handing them out. (I'd guess Gamestop, Best Buy, and Amazon.)

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