Family Guy is no stranger to gaming, with past entries appearing on iOS, Xbox, PSP and PS2. But the industry is in the middle of some pretty serious changes right now, and the advent of free-to-play online gaming has made it easier than ever to appeal to sweeping demographics. Demographics like, say, the legions of fans watching Family Guy, whether casually or religiously.

They're watching the show whenever they can catch it, so what's to stop that experience from migrating to an online, social, interactive space? With no upfront fee or large download, it's easy to get into, and no subscription fee means players don't feel pressured to either play all the time or stop playing altogether.

For Family Guy Online, freemium gaming may be the perfect bandwagon. I spoke with Ian Verchere, the CCO of development coordinators Roadhouse Interactive, about all the ways FGO is bringing Family Guy to life in a digital space.

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