If you're looking for a good time waster to get a few laughs out of with friends, then pick up a copy of Reality Fighters. Vita's brand new beat 'em-up puts players in the place of fighters who pound each other senseless in the environment of your choice.

After choosing your fighter, clothing and quirky accessories, you're presented with the option of choosing a pre-packaged arena or an augmented reality-based one. Use a baby's crib, weave of a girl in the mall, whatever. If the Vita's camera can pick it up, you can fight in it.

Players can also customize the faces of the fighters using the front-facing camera on the device. It's a little tricky at first since you'll need a lot of light and the camera has to be a certain distance away to scan your face properly. If all else fails, just get a friend to do it for you.

No need to compare Reality Fighters with other traditional fighting games. This one is more of something to just be silly with. So if you're looking for the rebirth of Street Fighter, go elsewhere.

With that said, check out some of the silly backgrounds we decided to use as our fighting turf.

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