The unboxing video is akin to geek porn in that it's meant to titillate and give viewers a chance to live vicariously through the thrills the “unboxer” in said video is experiencing. It's a chance to dig into one of those glorious special editions you may never otherwise have the cash for, or an opportunity to tear into that coveted limited edition, collectors only, rarer-than-Mew offerings that a meager retail salary won't allow you to good conscience, anyway.

While most collectors' editions simply aren't worth the trouble these days, there are those are gems with corresponding unboxing epics that serve as the perfect companion to tirelessly combing the net for information about your favorite upcoming release. But not all unboxing videos are created equal. There's a vast difference between ripping open a package haphazardly on webcam and a funny or informative presentation. With that, we bring you ten of the best unboxing videos we've seen. Get ready to nerdgasm.

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