Michael Jordan. Magic Johnson. Larry Bird. Heck, even Shaq.

They are unquestioned, absolute legends, guys who are destined to go down in hoops history. And when NBA 2K12 decided to round up the finest legends for their recently released “Legends Showcase” DLC, hoops gamers around the world got excited.

But somehow, Visual Concepts forgot what a “legend” actually was. And no, that’s not a good thing. Instead of shopping for truly unforgettable players, NBA 2K12 tosses in a bunch of lesser lights from its NBA’s Greatest modes (think the backups from Jordan’s Bulls teams) and pawns them off as great, minimizing the greatness of a DLC that could have been, well, legendary.

Sure the cel-shaded court in the middle of Times Square looks great, and there’s nothing like streetball to bring back the good old days before lockouts and expansion teams, but Sleepy Floyd? Legend? Really? Guy couldn’t hold Jordan’s jock!

And Floyd, who averaged all of 12.8 points and 5.4 assists per game during his career, is hardly the only not-so-legendary legend in the DLC; there are dozens.

Not that we want to waste all your time remembering the dregs of the NBA. But we will give you our 15 most unlegendary legends in the supposedly legendary Legends Showcase.

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