Serious Sam 3 Achievements Show Up Before The Game

Serious Sam 3 Achievements Show Up Before The Game

We are all pretty much accustomed to seeing achievement lists leak out for upcoming games prior to their release. What’s isn’t so normal though is to have a developer just some out and show them off before the official launch. That is exactly what Devolver Digital is doing with Serious Sam 3 before its November 22 release date.

When the game launches you can look forward to unlocking the following: 

  • Serious Beginner: Complete any level in single player.
  • Serious Sam: Complete the single player campaign. 
  • Are You Serious!?: Complete the game in single player on unmodified serious difficulty.
  • Serious Run: Complete the game in single player in half the estimated time on each level.
  • Ophthalmologist: Remove 10 Gnaar eyes.
  • Cardiac Surgeon: Rip out 10 Rocketeer hearts.
  • Chiropractor: Break 10 Soldier necks.
  • Kleer Wrestler: Tear off 10 Kleer heads.
  • Bug Hunt: Squash 10 Hatchling spiders.
  • Arachnophobia: Rip 10 Juvenile spiders apart.
  • Scorpion Slayer: Break 5 Arachnoid necks.
  • Load of Scrap: Rip Scrapjack's head off.
  • Trick Shot: Kill the kicked enemy while it is still in the air.
  • Useful Trophy: Kill an enemy with a gib torn from another enemy.
  • Berserker: Kill 3 enemies in one sprint with the Sledgehammer.
  • Old School: Complete the game in single player without manually reloading, aiming or sprinting.
  • Chain Explosion: Kill at least 5 headless kamikazes in one explosion.
  • Kung-fu Fighter: Perform all possible finishing moves in the game.
  • Wall of Bullets: Kill 20 enemies with the Minigun without releasing the trigger.
  • Apprentice Egyptologist: Decipher an Egyptian text.
  • Master Egyptologist: "Decipher all Egyptian texts."
  • Wanted Dead or Alive: Rescue professor Stein. So to say.
  • Get the hell off my ride: Secure the bird.
  • All Your Base Are Belong To Us!: REDACTED: SPOILER
  • Problem Solver: Solve the riddle of the Sphynx.
  • Painful Divorce: Kill a Witch-Bride of Achriman.
  • Mission completed: Power up the Timelock.
  • Detroit Steel: REDACTED: SPOILER
  • The doorman should wear a suit: Awake the Guardian of Time.
  • Rodeo Surfer: Use the Mutilator to surf after a Werebull.
  • Skewer: Pierce 5 enemies with one Devastator round.
  • Up Close and Personal: Gib 20 enemies from close range with a shotgun.
  • Killer Jewelry: Kill an enemy using the Mutilator.
  • Headsman: Decapitate a Khnum.
  • Bone Crusher: Smash 20 Kleers with the Sledgehammer.
  • Circle of death: Kill at least 3 enemies in one spinning Sledgehammer attack.
  • Clay Pigeons: Kill 5 Cave Demons while they're in air.
  • Maintenance time: Blow a Major Biomechanoid into pieces.
  • Look, it's a secret: Find at least 50 secrets in single player.
  • Top Secret: Find all secrets in single player.
  • Classic Outfit: Find Sam's classic outfit
  • Queen Hatshepsut: Complete The Guardian of Time in single player on serious difficulty without dying or loading.
  • Vista: Find the Vista secret.
  • Co-op Beginner: Complete any level in cooperative with at least 2 players.
  • Co-op Master: Complete the campaign in cooperative with at least 2 players.
  • Coin-op Co-op: Complete a Coin-op cooperative game on normal or higher difficulty.
  • Life Saver: Pick up at least 10 extra life items.
  • Gold Rush: Pick up 100 gold coins.
  • Deathmatch Beginner: Complete a deathmatch game with at least 1 frag.
  • Deathmatch Master: Win 10 deathmatch games.
  • Look Ma, I won!: Win a versus match.
  • Hammer Time: Frag 20 players with the Sledgehammer.
  • Beast Hunter: Complete a Beast Hunt match
  • Flag Thief: Score a total of 10 points in CTF matches.
  • Instant Killer: Make at least 3 kills in one Instant Kill match.
  • Last Man Standing: Win one round in Last Man Standing game with at least 4 players.
  • Heavy Weight Champion: Win one My Burden match with at least 3 players.
  • Survivor: Earn a medal in Survival.
  • Golden Survivor: Earn a gold medal in Survival.

 Looks like a pretty "doable" 1,000 gamerscore to us!


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