2K Dares You To Cross The Line in ‘Spec Ops’

Just as many of us were beginning to wonder what was going on with the project, 2K Games reminds everyone that Spec Ops: The Line is still coming. If just stating that fact doesn’t convince you, perhaps a new trailer for the game will.

Spec Ops: The Line will put players into the role of U.S. Delta Force soldier Captain Walker. Amidst a sandstorm-ravaged Dubai, you will embark on an intense narrative set in the world of a third person military shooter. The challenges that you will face will not be as simple as black and white moral choices; you will be faced with decisions and challenges that will have you questioning your integrity in the heat of battle. War isn’t pretty and Spec Ops: The Line appears to be painting a picture that supports that fact.

The game is expected to launch by Spring 2012.

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