The worlds of fashion and video games were never meant to collide.  There exists a deep, wide valley full of Mountain Dew cans and Doritos that will always separate the two. 

As video games have become more mainstream, we’ve started to see trendy gamer shirts creep out from the DeviantArt forums and into Urban Outfitters, but let’s face it – those just fall into the hipster/retro category more so than the gamer one.  Cute girls will wear Pac-Man shirts, but you won’t see them rocking a XXL-size Assassin’s Creed T-shirt from E3.

With that context in mind, we’ve compiled what we believe to be the most well-dressed game characters ever to suit up. Granted, we’re looking at this from a gamer’s perspective. But as far as gaming goes, this is the best that we’ve got, so let’s revel in this small chunk of relatively appealing pixilated fashion.    

Tags: video-games, style
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