Video: Soulja Boy Swags Out, Gamer Style

Soulja Boy's swag levels, if he is to be believed, are off the charts. As is his appreciation for critically acclaimed indie games. But now he's getting a litle more mainstream and swagging out all over his surprisingly hair-covered pool table (seriously, homie, you playing 9-ball with shih tzus?) in this video. SBTE takes great pains to establish his gamer cred, from his three copies of Halo: Reach to his one copy of Kane and Lynch 2. He even proves his Gamertag on Xbox Live before sitting down and flippting through a how-to-draw-manga art book while chanting "swag" at every page. But hey, if you're not interested in watching the greatest video ever, that's cool too.

Tags: mortal-kombat, halo, street-fighter, soulja-boy, swag, wtf
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