Which New Game Had The Best Trailer At The VGAs?

Which New Game Had The Best Trailer At The VGAs?

vgasThe Video Game Awards aired on Saturday night, and they...well, they were pretty bad. There was some cool stuff, sure—Denise Richards was clearly drunk, and Neil Patrick Harris was great despite the shitty directing and teleprompter wonkiness—but for the most part it was a waste of time. Of course, we're not tuning in to see Olivia Munn act like she likes video games or Dane Cook deliver painfully unfunny schtick about being friends with John Marston. No, we're tuning in to see first-look trailers of new games. And even though Gears of War 3 for some reason didn't have a clip, we nonetheless got a great look at 11 upcoming titles. We've rounded up all the trailers, so check 'em out after the jump and cast your vote one what game's got you the most excited...

Release Date: "Fall 2011"
Complex Says: The main villain in Rocksteady's follow-up would appear to be the mad Professor Hugo Strange, who was one of the earliest recurring villains in the Batman universe. He looks crazy, the city looks crazy, and it sure looks like we're in for another psychological action banger.

Release Date: 11/11/11
Complex Says: Bethesda's long-awaited follow-up to the massive RPG Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is clearly well along in its development cycle, but they went for atmosphere over details in this first look.

Release Date: "Fall 2011)
Complex Says: Yeah, that's right. And it looks like this next one may just have the Kinect functionality we got a glimpse of at E3 this year.

Release Date: 2013
Complex Says: Guillermo del Toro's new game studio, Volition, took the wraps off its first creation with publisher THQ, and it's...well, it's creepy. We guess. It's also not coming out for more than two years, so...yay?

Release Date: "Holiday 2011"
Complex Says: Commander Shepard's coming back to save Earth—or at least London—from aliens! Dunno if it's a race from the previous two games, or if he's gonna be forced to go ham on an all new species of bad guy.

MORTAL KOMBAT (Kratos character reveal)
Release Date: First half 2011
Complex Says: The inclusion of God of War's Kratos as a playable character had been rumored recently, but this made it official. No word yet as to any Xbox-exclusive icons—or to a solid release date for the 2.5-D fighting game revamp.

Release Date: "2012"
Complex Says: Hopefully this one makes it out before the Mayapocalypse, because it looks like an incredibly good time. Plus, bonus points for a black lead character!

Release Date: 9/6/11
Complex Says: Some live-action, some gameplay—dunno, people have been amped about his one, but with the glut of alien-invasion shooters out there, we're gonna need something a little more specific than a reticule-less pistol to get excited about.

Release Date: None given
Complex Says: Whoooooa. Heli-shredding the Himalayas? Gnarly, bro.

Release Date: 5/3/11
Complex Says: No comment. #noshots

Release Date: 11/1/11
Complex Says: The newest title in Naughty Dog's beloved action series was announced last week, but getting to actually see Nathan Drake trudging through the desert—and plenty of in-game peeks as well—got us more than hyped about this one.

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