The 50 Lamest Video Game Bosses

Certain video game motifs will live forever, and one of them is the inclusion of "boss" characters to capstone your experiences in the land of pixels. The thing is, creating a good boss battle is an art—one that not one every developer is schooled in. As such, we've been treated to some memorable moments of the bad-meaning-bad-not-bad-meaning-good variety. Some battles are formulaic, others use crutches like size or substance, and more just plain leave you scratching your head and thinking, "WTF just happened?" We've done the deed of compiling the greatest lowlights in boss battle history and ranked them according to a scientifically concocted formula so secret, we only told the voices inside our heads about it. (Hey, knock it off in there, will ya?) Of course, we have a healthy representation from the past decade, but horrible el jefes go way back, and we've represented that with some old-school favorites...or unfavorites, if you will. So stock up on ammo, replenish your health to the max, and get ready to grumble when you happen upon these lame-ass bosses...

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