Todd McFarlane x "Halo Reach" Is The Best Cubicle Decoration Ever

Todd McFarlane x "Halo Reach" Is The Best Cubicle Decoration Ever

haloreachChristmakwanzakkah comes to Complex HQ quite a lot during the holiday season—which these days starts around Labor Day. Case in point: the bitchin' Halo: Reach Legendary Edition AND Limited (read "Briefcase") Edition that came in the mail today. We're not going to bore you with another fetishistic unboxing, but we will take pains to say that a) the artwork and special Halo Xbox controller that came in the Briefcase Edition are bad meaning good, and b) the above sculpture is the best plastic thing that's been mailed here since the KAWS x Sybian sex machine. Which didn't actually happen, so relax. Anyway, read on below for more info and close-ups...


The sculpture, a 1:53 scale replica of the Reach War Memorial in New Alexandria (which in turn is deep within the Haloverse) depicting Noble Team, was manufactured by McFarlane Toys, and is much smaller than the 1:1 replica that was at E3 this summer. And it's a good thing, because that thing was way too heavy to put in your window. There's also a bunch of other awesomeness, like DLC codes for a flaming helmet to be worn in multiplayer (which is already going for stupid money on eBay has been taken down from eBay), but we'll leave the surprises surprises. Oh, and the Limited Edition is $79.99, and the Legendary Edition is $149.99. See you next Tuesday! No, seriously: see you next Tuesday, when the game comes out.



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