Complex Exclusive: "Def Jam Rapstar" Commercial f/ Maino & Nipsey Hu$$le

Music video games are fun and all, but playing plastic short-bus versions of guitars and drum have never really scratched our performance itch. That's why we're actually kinda amped about the upcoming Def Jam Rapstar, which draws on a surprisingly deep collection of hip-hop classics and street bangers to let us unleash our inner Rakim. And now there's a new commercial that'll give you a feel for the game—it's hitting TV in week and a half, but we're proud to present the world premiere right here. The spot, directed by Anthony Mandler (who lensed Jay Z's "Run This Town" and Drake's "Find Your Love," among others), proves that anyone—from Maino to Hasidic Jews to Asian stereotypes to someone we have to assume is a professional Braylon Edwards impersonator—can rap. We have it on good authority that the game, which is out Oct. 5, will feature the ability to upload your own performances, and we cannot WAIT to see the fuckery that that'll bring. Enjoy!


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