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Pharrell's Favorite Billionaire Boys Club / Icecream Pieces

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- If man can make it on the moon, like,

why couldn't we make it outta the hood?

And I did, and that was kind of like what

I tried to bring with the brand. So like, breaking the rules was a standard.

- When I got my first t-shirt back it was

just a woah, woah, this is crazy. I wanted

to wear it right then and there. I think I

did wear it right then and there. Um, I'm

notorious for taking samples and I love

it. You know, every item, there's like a

philosophical, like, you know, 20 page

report on why it needs to happen. It's

kind of like asking Willy Wonka, like, you

know, which is his favorite candy and like, which did he put more thought into.

- Once I got it and I put in on it just

became like a little obsession. I think I

wore it even in the summer time. I didn't

even have dreads or anything, I don't knw.

I don't know what I was thinking, but I

just loved it. It just became like, like a

fuckin', like a blankie. It was just my


- The ice cream shoes for Colette, it was

just a crazy kind of way that like, I was

obsessed with and we just wanted to put

them out in one special place. Ever since

I met Sara and her mom, I just loved what

they did. They basically just did all the

shopping for, like, a person who wants to

see different things and may not have time

to scour the internet to find those

things. They just found them and put them in one place.

- The runnin' dog across the crotch is

very provocative but what is life without

anything provocative? I don't know, I

mean, maybe it could have been symbolic,

but then again I guess I was just being

creative. Like, we had put so much stuff

across the back of jeans and I thought,

you know, why not the front? You feel like

you're not getting enough attention, you

get some attention. No.

- It was an interesting space of real

estate that, like, people never really

use. You know, we're always aspiring to

push things forward and it was difficult

because it wasn't always turning out

great. It had to be something cool.

- Swarovski crystal tees, those were

momentous. People were flippin' and I was

very excited, too because it was kind of

like, you know, we literally put our name in lights.

- Ski masks are notoriously known as the

item that Chad fell in love with and just

began walking around with in broad

daylight. It's like, a big deal. It was

kind of like the talk of the party when he

was wearing it around the party but who

knew it was gonna last until the next day?

And the day after that, and the day after

that. I imagine going to Seven Eleven and

just getting something simple was uh,

would always turn into a serious


- The So Ambitious t-shirt, I asked...last

minute if he was into it and he said yeah,

so we just did a couple of lines from the

chorus with the astronaut so it was cool. It was fun. That was a moment, man.

- The gold brick, the shit was dope. Next.

No, the gold brick was something that we

made to commemorate the first anniversary

of the store in Tokyo, you know, real, true milestones. This was fuckin' awesome.

- The shirt that went up to space, I wish

I had the guts to be that shirt but I do

not and so the shirt had to take my place.

We currently have had, for a minute, like

a really good, honest, cool rapport with

uh, NASA. They knew how much, like, I was

obsessed with them and how much our brand

is based on the idea that like, man when

to the moon. And so, we developed a, a

relationship with Buzz and then so he just

offered to take it up there. She just

floating around BBC shirt's floating around, Ballin'.

- I did the Goldberg bag because I was

trying to hide, like, what I was and what

made me. Which was like, back pack

culture. The cracking of that world where

um, native tongues, tribe called Quests,

De La Soul, Leaders of the New School,

Jungle Brothers, Black Sheep, those people

ruled my life. Like, you know, ....we were

obsessed with that. That's what we

listened to. So like, the back pack era

was like, that's where I identify. I will

fight for that. That gold back pack is

kind of like me trying to hide like, the

silhouette, the insignia, the one item that we all bow to and respect.

- The varsity was based on like, um, my

high school letterman jacket from being in

band. I was super proud of that and I just

wanted to sort of celebritize the nerdy

aspect of who I was. Things that I was

obsessed with that I could tell you all

about, like lunch, I could break the food

down so amazingly. But band was like, one

of those things and uh, having that as a

varsity jacket was like, you know, the

ultimate commemoration for me. That I

could get back to my high school and like,

my teacher, my band leader, Alan Sharps,

and like, my drum line. You know, PA. Princess Ann High School.

- I wish I was just like, the guy who was

like Mozart meets uh, Da Vinci meets,

Galiano, but I'm not. I'm just like the

guy that really wants it real bad. Like,

more from the fan side of things? So I was

always motivated by like, getting the

thing back. My instincts are what I fed

off of and what I, my desire to really

have those things are like, what fueled,

you know, the journey of explaining things

and like, you know, getting down to

actually sketching things out to like, you

know, being really adamant about, like,

certain details. It was always like the passion for having that.

Complex TV visits the BBC / Icecream flagship store in New York City and asks Skateboard P to select the 10 rarest, most coveted pieces created during the brands' illustrious 10-year history.

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