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Kobe 9 Elite Hands-On

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- What's up guys this is Jacques from

Complex magazine and right now we are at

the launch of the Kobe 9 at the Mocha,

which is museum of contemporary art here

in Los Angeles. As you guys can all see,

the shoe is a lot different than what we

expect. Or what we thought of the Kobe

9... But lets get a closer look come on

in. So first thing you notice is how high

that the shoe is. Ah, one thing that Kobe

mentioned during his presentation was that

he liked the style of a boxer boot now he

is actually watching Manny Pacquiao and

that's why the boot is so high. On the

technology side of the shoe, we have lunar

lawn, we have a carbon fiber heel counter

that you can see here is carbon fiber

here. There's carbon fiber here on the

heel. There's fly net, its Nike fly net

here and then there is also fly wire

probably you can see this on ah some other

pictures? But there's actually fly wire in

here also. Ab...very light shoe, it may

look a little heavier than what we

expected ab... But its definitely ah, a

great shoe. This one, the first one that's

going to release is called the Masterpiece

as you can see right here. Kobe's called

it the Masterpiece and that's why they

used KB Ninth instead of Kobe 9 so they

call it KB Ninth. Stitches here, these are

about basically Kobe's injury that here as

the same last year. Every Kobe 9 will have

this red stitches here. Pricing for the

shoes is gonna be $225. Did not set to

release until February 8 which is right

around All Star so you should see some

really interesting call away of these ah,

Kobe sig-side here, nice rubber out sole.

Its not exactly hearing bone. Ah, has some

different a little traction pattern here

looks like more like a heat pattern or web

pattern which is probably more about where

the traction is. You could see that they

gave us a little lip here on the edge for

the Kobe 9 for when you're cutting so that

you don't roll your ankle. Over all, a

great shoe, again we have the Kobe

signatures here. So for those that knows

these this is a special Kobe language so

make sure you check those out. But again,

so this is the Kobe 9. Again set to

release on February 8, price is $225, has

Nike fly wire, has fly net, also has lunar

lawn and ah, its high. I would say that

its higher than the Air Jordan 28. Its

definitely higher than the Air Jordan 28.

Ah...and I can't wait to play in these.

So, we will see how things go. I'm Jacques

Slade, signin' off for Complex Magazine.

A hands-on look at Kobe Bryant's 9th signature shoe from Nike, the Kobe 9 Elite.

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