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ScHoolboy Q on Nas x Jay Z: The Process (Supercut)

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- Are there other rappers that you aspire

to in a certain sense lyrically?

- I was like a die-hard Nas fan. Y'know

what I'm sayin'? When I was 16 and what

not, and, and Nas just came back... You

know, not too many people in LA were hip

to Nas. Like that was my age, y'know what

I'm sayin'? But I used to just go hard for

Nas, man. It Was Written is my favorite

Nas album.

- Oh, hold on. That is an interesting

sentiment that you never hear. People never say...

- It Was Written was the best, man. That

was the best one, It Was Written.

- Why? Why do you like it? People think,

lyrically they don't hold it in the same regard they hold Illmatic. - What?

- [interviewer] Because he, because, 'cos

he turned into Esco and I don't think people were ready for... for Escobar City.

- That's still one of my favorite albums

ever. Like...

- What's your favorite record on It Was


- Uhm, Live Nigga Rap. Ah... of course

with Mobb Deep. - And the message is crazy. - Yeah. Man... I got, aww man.

- I still, I put, I still put it after

Illmatic but I'm older than you.

- Aahh. Illmatic is starter for me. But

Illmatic does sound like a mix tape to me. It sounds like a... a hard mix tape.

- That's the... really funny way of

putting it. My only complaint about

Illmatic ever was, was that essentially it

was just like a handful of new songs. - Yeah.

- Y'know what I'm saying? It's 33 minutes

long or something like that.

- Yeah like, like it was written it was

like... that's crazy, man. That's crazy.

- See, I think, I think Jay is the

greatest of all time. - Yeah. - I think Nas is the best of all time.

- Once I really heard Jay I'm like "Wow,

this is the best rapper ever."

- ♪ If I shoot you, I'm brainless. But if

you shoot me, then you're famous. What's a

nigga to do? When the streets is watching,

blocks keep clockin'. Waiting for you to

♪break, make your first mistake. Can't

ignore it ♪

- Dead or alive, like I don't care. Nobody

say like... - [interviewer] Do you have Jay over Nas?

- Uhm rapping, yes. But I mean, who made

better albums? I think, I think Nas had, made more stronger albums than Jay. - Right now you have to say... - Yeah.

- Nas feels more in his prime than Jay


- I feel they're same. They about the


- [interviewer] ______ the same way you

see Life Is Good? - Yes. - Hmm. Interesting.

- Life Is Good was, it was a good album

but it was, it still wasn't even better than Illmatic or I Am to me. - Or I Am. Ahm... I don't love I Am.

- ♪ Don't hate me. Hate the money I see,

clothes that I buy, ice that I wear, flows

♪that I try. Close your eyes. Picture me

rollin' sixes, money foldin'. Chickens,♪

♪honeys that swollen to riches, Nas get in

ya. Most critically acclaimed Pulitza♪ ♪Prize winna ♪

In this bonus segment of The Process with Peter Rosenberg, ScHoolboy Q talks about his favorite rappers of all time, Nas and Jay Z.

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