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Azealia Banks' Filthy Mouth: The Process (Supercut)

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- Did you always have such a filthy mouth?

You-- - Yeah. - are a potty mouth.

- Cuz my Mom's really crass. She's real,

like my Mom's like a jive turkey like.

She's just like, straight like, cluckin'.

But that's also like a Harlem thing, like

when you listen to Maize and Cam and like,

that's like a Harlem thing. You just pop

shit, ya know what I mean? Like, whatever

nigga. Like please, ya know what I mean?

- One of the first videos I saw of yours

later. I mean, you're like seventeen years

old and you're saying filthy things on

that song.

- I mean, you say twat on a record. That

is maybe one of the first times in hip hop history, that a female used the word-- - Oh that's no, Please. - Would you like to.. Did Kim ever-- - I'm sure. I'm sure Kim said twat.

- And then you're also free with the c


- What's up with embracing that word? Has

anyone given you a hard time for that? Was it some--

- Not really. I mean, I think that's like

a U.K. thing, you know what I mean? Where

they're like, oh bloody cunt. Like, we say

motherfucker. Yeah, it's not a big deal

for me, but when I came out with it,

everyone was like, Oh My God like. And I

was like yo, like what year are y'all in?

Like, what's going on?

In this bonus segment of The Process with Peter Rosenberg, Azealia Banks talks about using explicit lyricism in her music.

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