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These are the only three we have that survived. This one, when he was three months old. This is a picture from when he graduated high school. And this picture, he was taking his little bath. Jadakiss: I used to perform"Thriller" for events. I would sing "Thriller" and I had no clue to what "Thriller" was actually about. She

rented "Thriller" for me.

Because I really wanted it.

She said, "This is what you want,

Michael Jackson." I'm not looking at it, that it's written in blood, I just know it's Michael Jackson. Goodness! When I saw "Thriller" and he turned into a werewolf and he scared the crap out of the girl, and then they ended up in the movies and then the zombies came and you see him protecting her, but then when he comes back, he's dead and his jacket's ripped and he's a zombie, too?

Terrible! I had Michael

Jackson's belt, glove, sequins. I had all this stuff but I had it all trashed within the month. She had to make my Dad come home because I didn't even think that I was safe with her and my sister, here. I was like, We need my Dad to be here, because of Michael Jackson. And my posters had to come down. They were all written in cursive, and I couldn't read cursive yet. So I didn't know they said, "Michael Jackson." I thought they all said, "Thriller," or like, "Death to you." So we had to get all that stuff off the wall. That was a rough time. But I'm glad you got it all, because

I definitely asked for it.

I felt betrayed because of

who it was. It was at home,

and he's a werewolf. I just bought a '76 Caprice today. A few days ago I went through the heartbreak of losing an eBay auction. I tried to get a '72 Impala drop-top on eBay but I dozed off, and when I woke up auction was over. Some jackass already had made the purchase. That's all right. Today I pulled up and the homie had the '76 Caprice with the "For Sale" sign in it, and now I'm going to roll a big-ass joint with that For Sale sign because I bought the car. Mackie: I do mechanic's work.Auto body lives here, now. I wash cars, detailing, as you can see. It's pretty much everything, from selling merch to getting customers in. The relationship with currency, every time they come on toll with the buses, I'm on it. We have good times. It's a brother-brother relationship. That's it. That's all I really can say. Jadakiss: I just gotthis today. It's not necessarily showroom ready, but we just got it. I'm not going to tell you how much we bought it for, but with a little finagling, you know, we finagled the bagle? We got it down to a more hospitable price, and that's mine. This is how they look when they're not quite running. That right there? Plants were growing out of it. It's mine, too. Ive got to get back on this one. My Mom was always giving me Hot Wheels so I would behave in the grocery store. That was part of the deal. Of course, the older I get, she's concerned with what I do with my money. But as far as my cars are concerned, she knows there's nothing she can do about that because she kind of started that, so.

Elvis you up? You want to talk?

That's Elvis, he's a Champ.

And you see he knows

when the camera is on, showing you his moves.

The Ferrari runs right here,

on this side. Three couches, and all my Ferraris right here. All things cars are pretty much in here. And people who thank me are always sending me dope-ass shit like this. So I can't really take the credit for making this place look

so tight. Other people

kind of did it for me. Actually, he came and brought it to the shop. He didn't even want me to see it He got a flat tire and he needed to empty the trunk to get to the spare.

And this was in the trunk.

He didn't know that I was going to be at the shop. He was like, "Damn I didn't want you to see it till I was finished with it," so when I saw it I ran out, and he gave it. He wanted to color the wheels in on the Corvette, but I didn't give him the time. That shit needed to be on my wall. I don't think I've made the transition from toy cars to real cars, but I still do it. I'm old enough now. That's all just a matter

of age. That is the equivalent

of that, to me. Because it really just sit there, like that just sit there.

We're at Magnolia Grill, right now.

The reason this is one of my favorite places is because I have a better life. Before anybody knew I was doing music, before anybody saw a car,

they treated me like I

had always been here.


Currency? It's been about a year, now. I heard from a waitress here, Christina. She said, "Oh my God, oh my God! Sammy, you should see this guy, you've just got to see." He liked to order the chicken and waffles, and I was like, "Nice," you know? And I met him finally, and he was a really super-nice guy, very humble, very down to earth, really a really great guy, you know. Jadakiss: I didn't initiallyeat chicken and waffles when I came here. But Sam told me about the chicken special, and I had the chicken special and fries. And I told Sam if he could find the right waffle, this was the

idea of chicken to partner

with waffles, that you had.


Friends first, I manage for them. That's our relationship. Outside of the friendship relationship, the business relationship, I manage. We run Jet Life Records, Jet Life Fair, all together. We've been together for awhile. Good relationship. Friends first. First time I met him, he was sitting on the porch in the Magnolia. I brought JadaKiss to the Magnolia. When I brought JadaKiss, he said I'm going to get everybody in the Magnolia a record deal. I'm proud of us. I'm proud of everything all of us are doing. I'm proud of his determination and the fact that he stood up for what he wanted. He built this situation that's able to help everybody. Us, his immediate friends, as well as bring some light on to the city. And help other artists who are not necessarily affiliated with Jet Life or

Jet Life Recordings.

Definitely proud of that.


This whole thing is my neighborhood. I'm not saying that I'm the king, but I do my thing.

Every single mother has a photo somewhere of her child taking a bath as a baby, even Curren$y's mother. Shante Scott Franklin's mom's house is the first stop in this episode of ComplexTV's The Neighborhood, where she shows off a few photos of her son.

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