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Denzel Curry "Off Tha' Wall"

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- Yo my name is Denzel Curry and I'm now

with Mass Appeal. Since I was 12, when my

friend taught me how to Rap, back in boys

and girls club in Priory, you feel me? I

went there for a summer and friend taught

me how to Rap. NAS, "It ain't hard to

tell" It's Outcast one, Big L and Solider

Slim. Is when he was like yo you was never

shit, your mother should have swallowed

you whole, I was like oh that's one crazy

ass shit and then I heard I think Devil's

son, I heard that shit in six grade,

that's what really turn me on to his

music, and I'm like what the fuck is this?

Taking something from the gas station like

a chocolate or something and just like

leave it, because you can get away with

it. You just see people in the line you

like man I'm hungry, I only got a dollar

fuck it I'm a just take this chocolate and

just go with it and that's like the

sweetest joy, you feel me? Literally.

Mother fucking, you remember that Jerk

move shit? Fuck jerkin'I don't like that, that's like the tenth grade man.

Michael Jackson, dog, yo man, that nigger

could dance, he could sing, was like

I am like wow nigger. Is like crazy, like

his performance is on point, like he know

how to rock the crowd, like he had bitches

like, just catching seizures and shit. I

never seen no shit like that. I don't see

that at a Prince concert but, I fuck with

Prince. Batman. Because Batman is fucking

bad ass, like, he can whup Superman's ass

if he had the chance, you feel me? dog

This nigger got his back broken, came back

and whup the nigger ass, come on man, and

he ain't afraid to die, that's a easy ass

question. Cause me and my brother we grew

up watching all that karate show like the

bad you know English dub film like hey and

some shit. Like you just grew up on that,

Tony Dragon, Bruce Lee, what else? Jim

Kelly, Black Belt Jones. Oh hell yeah

nigger, that's Tunami, that's early Tunami

when blood was actually on TV like for

kids, like to watch like get out, like

hell yeah I'm a Tunami kid. Like I

remember Warriors that's how much I

remember has a kid. When everybody think

I'm a mother fucking gangster, you feel

me? I'm just tell it real because I live

around that shit, and everybody think, oh

yeah he be doing that shit, correction, I

know niggers who do that shit, and their

like some of them are dead, some are still

alive, some of them in jail, you feel me?

Some of them have even changed their life,

so I don't want people to think that, I'm

just speaking on them I'm just speaking on

people that past, because I that's

actually that life, that shit happens

around my neighborhood you know. Curry,

all day everyday, senile hard gang Albert

stores down nostalgia 64 or iTunes you

feel me? Or spot it on amazon what it is nigga.

In this episode of "Off Tha' Wall", Mass Appeal kicks it with Miami rapper Denzel Curry. He talks to us about stealing chocolate, learning to rap at the boys and girls club, and his favorite Big L line.

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