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How to Carve a Turkey With Waka Flocka

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- Preparing and carving a roast turkey for

your loved ones this Thanksgiving is

definitely a manly task. It involves

roasted flesh, sharp knives, popping

joints out of place. So if you want to

impress your friends and family this

Thanksgiving, learn from me Waka Flocka.

I'm gonna show you how to cut this turkey.

Place the turkey on a cutting board.

Breast side up with the legs facing away

from you. Steady it with the carving fork

in your guide hand and it should lead you

your way. Now this step right here I need

y'all to cut through the skin that

connects the leg to the carcass cutting as

close to the leg as possible so you get

you a clean cut. I need y'all to lay the

leg on the board with the knee facing you

and feel for the joint that's connecting

the drumstick bone and the thigh bone.

Now, place the knife blade directly on the

joint and cut straight through to the

board, 'til you feel the board and you

need to stop. Oh god ladies and gentlemen.

This turkey ain't wantin' to get ate this

evening. And we got the joints. Once again

people got to eat this. Gotta look cute.

You want people to brag about this

Thanksgiving. Now I need y'all to repeat

the previous step that I did with the last

thigh bone. I'm gonna try to, if, for the

ones that wasn't here, gonna try and

follow me as I lay the smackdown on this.

Make sure y'all got it, clean cut. See I

learnt from the last one. This a little

tough guy here. Tough critter. Uh huh. I

got him this time. This is how you

separate it ladies and gentlemen. Two

pieces. Nice. Make a long thin cut along

the breastbone in the center of the

breast. So you hold it steady like this

and grab it like this. Just go sharp.

Should've had a sharper knife, but I don't

wanna hurt her. So now, right now I need

y'all to cut along the breast to remove

that piece of the thigh completely. So I

need y'all to go down. Make sure to get it

nice and clean and purty.

- Uh huh, thanksgiving. Yes people, yes

folks, yes yes. We're getting to the nitty

gritty. Yes. So right now I want y'all to

lay the breast on the cutting board, skin

side up and from there you start cutting

servings man. See that's for little pookie

right there. This for Little Ray Ray. Now

you have a gang of servings and your

family is ready to eat. Follow my

instructions and you'll soon be cooking

and carving Thanksgiving turkey like a

real man is supposed to. Now let's feast

man, I got first dibs on this turkey. I

gotta get me a juicy piece. Happy

Thanksgiving baby! Happy Thanksgiving


Learn how to carve a juicy turkey with the one and only Waka Flocka, exclusively on Complex TV.

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