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Hi, I'm Matthew Breed.


And I'm Brian Trunzo. Matthew: And welcome to Carson StreetClothiers.


The best menswear store on earth. Matthew: We thought that the mostimportant thing was to build a

beautiful space to house what we consider

to be our personal

wardrobe in our closet. One of the goals

of the shop was to be

able to dress the guy Monday through

Friday for work, but also dress him on the weekend. Brian: I think it was like a fan-firstexercise, you know, like

identify what we love and then figure out

a way to merchandise it. Matthew: It was always our goal in doingthe shop to create our

own label. We didn't really know what that

was going to be when we first set out to do it. Brian: When you create something and putit on the racks in your

own store with your label on it, there is

a lot of pressure. You

don't skimp on any of the details. Matt

and I are like a Venn

diagram. Matt strays a little bit more

prep, and I think I stray

a little bit more progressive, and in the

middle there's this

like beautiful area, we think, of tailored

goods meets sportswear. Matthew: And I tell everyone it'sAmerican prep with European

tailoring influences. The New York Times

has referred to it as a

neo-geezer type of look and feel, which we

. . .. Brian: Which we didn't know how to, like,really understand that. Matthew: We have since embraced since weheard the term. Brian: Yeah. Sometimes you see peoplegetting a little bit ahead

of themselves and looking at some of the

more flashy or

interesting pieces when they should just

be getting their personal style basics down first. Matthew: Outside of fit, you just reallyneed to believe and feel

comfortable in what you're putting on

every day. If you walk

into Barneys or Bergdorf or anywhere else,

it can be an

intimidating process for most guys to get

into nicer clothes, and we want to make them feel at home. Brian: There's definitely a sense ofdiscovery as you walk

through the store. As you get towards the

back, the product mix

starts to change a little bit. It's all

kind of scattered,

leading up to, you know, the back here in

the lounge. Matthew: Fortunately or unfortunately,depending on who you ask,

this generally turns into a pretty awesome

sports bar. On a

Saturday we'll offer you beer, and to see

the smile on a guy's

face when he's offered a beer shopping for

clothes is priceless. Brian: We've sacrificed the squarefootage of selling space to

create an environment where people can

come and just hang out. Matthew: To me there's nothing betterthan that. Brian: The big premise of getting thisbusiness started was a

focus on more smartly tailored goods with

an intersection of

some more contemporary sportswear. We've

been seeing over the

last two years or so people getting more

and more tailored and

not in a made-to-measure, bespoke way

where everyone looks like

they're straight out of the '20s, but in a

more smart and casual

way. Not everyone who comes in here is

going to look for the

most aspirational piece that we have. So,

you know, things like

Rivieras and raw denim, that's something

pretty much anyone can get into. Matthew: The evolution of my own personalstyle, it's always been a comfort level. Brian: For me, it's a pride thing. Itfeels really good to know

that you have worked with someone, and in

such a short period of

time, they're starting to develop a sense

of taste and they come

in and now they're starting to tell you

what they're looking

for. So that feels really, really good.

We'd like to imagine

that we can influence people's personal

style. Matthew: I mean, at the end of the day,you need to believe in what you're doing.

Former lawyers Brian Trunzo and Matt Breen developed a passion for quality men's clothing. Thanks to the Internet and its numerous men's style blogs, they were able to refine their taste to a point where tailored jackets and spread-collar shirts from brands like Ovadia & Sons could co-exist with high-class sneakers from Our Legacy.

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