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Masta Ace Reveals He Has Been Living With Multiple Sclerosis For a Decade

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- In a recent interview with HipHopDX

Masta Ace open up about his long time

fight with Multiple Sclerosis. Masta Ace a

legendary Brooklyn Mc known for songs like

Sittin On Chrome and Me And The Biz was

diagnosed back in 2000 after experiencing

symptoms including temporary vision loss

and numbness in his limbs. Multiple

Sclerosis commonly known as MS is defined

as a chronic often disabling disease that

attacks the Central Nervous System, which

is made up of the Brain, Spinal Cord and

Optic Nerves. Symptoms can range from

numbness in the limbs all the way to

paralysis or loss of vision and

complications can lead to death. Speaking

about his condition Ace had this to say,

"When I got that diagnosis, I had been

kinda at a crossroad career wise where I

kinda felt like I was done". The diagnosis

kinda re-energized me because it made me

feel like I didn't know what my quality of

life was going to be like down the road.

If I was going to really do this, then I

really need to make my last couple

artistic statements". In addition to his

renew spirit and positive outlook; Masta

Ace is currently in treatment with weekly

injections to help slow the diseases

progression. Other notable figures with

Multiple Sclerosis are Drake long time

friend and producer 40, Ozzy Osbourne's

son Jack, Tamia and Montel Williams.

Today, new treatments and advances in

research gives new hope to people affected

by MS. In organizations like The National

MS Society are working to educate the

public and assist people with the disease.

To educate yourself about MS and find ways

that you can contribute to the fight hit

the for more


Masta Ace reveals he has been living with multiple sclerosis for a decade.

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