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Lupe Fiasco Dodges Tomato On Stage

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- Tomatoes flying, misogyny, arguable

racism. All in a Lupe show this past

Saturday. While performing his hit song

Kick,Push in Salt Lake City tomatoes

thrown at Lupe stopping the show. Before

the tomato juices could dry, Lupe whipped

himself off, pointed out the sniper and

used some unfavorable words

- I know what she look like, fat white

bitch. Find her.

- Unfortunately afterwards the show ended

to the displeasure of many fans.

- It didn't stop there as the conversation

leaked over to his twitter feed. "Could

have been a brick, could have been a

bullet. That white bitch had hate in her

eyes. Over "Kick,Push" though. Shiiiiit.

She threw these big ass tomatoes at the

boy 50 minutes into the show during

Kick,Push." Rappers reacting impulsively

to fans disrespecting at shows is nothing

new. But this is a little bit

contradictory considering Lupe's stance on

the word.

- ♪Bitch bad, woman good. Lady better.

They misunderstood.♪

- Lupe kept going on and on in his twitter

feed to explain his choice of words. "I

call her a fat white bitch, because she is

a fat white bitch. Once you throw things,

you become a bitch. Who just happens to be

fat and white." What are your thoughts on

this? Hit us up on twitter and let us


Lupe drops some verbal bombs after almost being hit by a fan.

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