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Live From Busta Rhymes & Q-Tip's "The Abstract & The Dragon" Release Party

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- Earlier this week, we announce the new

release of Busta Rhymes and Q-Tip's joint

mix tape The Abstract and The Dragon. The

album contains both previously recorded

material and brand new tracks including a

recent single "Thank You" which features

Lil' Wayne and Kanye West. The album also

holds a few sneak peeks from their

upcoming solo albums. Busta his title was

upcoming release Extinction Level Event 2,

meanwhile, Tip is readying the Last Zoo.

In honor of this occasion, the duo threw

off the release party that brought us some

of hip hop's heavy weights. It's no doubt

that these two earned their status in the

game. You have the chance to top it up for

both of them. Seems like they've been

working with each other for so long sometimes they confuse who's who.

- Yo my name is, my name is Q-Tip Mr.

Incognito, you know, my man Busta Rhymes

nigga's nice dude. You know, I just

felt like I had to bring him in the studio

and, you know, just cultivate him a little

bit, come here bust your nigga's ass. How you feel Busta Rhymes?

- Your word is bomb. I feel your

incredible. I'm here with my, with my

motherfuckin', my air like, you know what

I mean? Come in no fuck nigga's up. My

favorite track with this nigger is, is

just too many to mention man. Me and him, we're goin' inside.

- Ain't no bustin', Q-Tip's always had a

good vibe and energy. And that may be

going on what? Twenty one years. I never

thought I will see Q-Tip and Busta make an album together.

- It's real hot to me. I think it's

something that coulda came together a long

time ago but I'm glad to see it happen


- I mean, wouldn't have been never bound,

uh, combined forces. I mean they always

been around with each other. They made

some of the most legendary records out including The Scenario.

- Today there are no rules, you know what

I mean? And whoever stays on top of the

game and stays consistent will stay

relevant and it be this relevant and this,

you know, impactful in the game today,

it's just assessment, the hard work.

- We came and celebrate with Busta that's

my brotha. Q-Tip's is the old G. You already know what it is and first

- Oh, Bus and QT must have like they paid

away man. They laid a foundation for kid like to come along. You know, we so I salute you.

- I'm really happy that the jock came up

till to break this special moment after 20

plus years. First time me and my bro doing

the project together. With all of that

bein said. We will get back to this music.

I'ma get drunk with the motherfuckers, and

we gonna rock until 4:00 in the morning

the good ol' fashioned New York boom rap hip hop way.

- It's great seeing two great hip hop

stars joining forces to make history. Make

sure you pick up The Abstract and the

Dragon drop in December in midnight. And

keep checking back here with us at Complex


Two legendary hip hop emcees celebrate their new collaboration.

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