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Kanye Reveals New Sneaker Deal

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- [Jinx] As many of you know, Kanye has

been very vocal about his contributions

and controversy in the fashion world.

Particularly with sneakers. In one of his

notorious monologues, Ye called out Nike

CEO Mark Parker and insinuated that he's

had a heavy role in holding up the

production of the Yeezy's.

- [Kanye West] Mike Parker even talk shit.

Talking about he don't even know why people like the Yeezy's.

- The Red October is up in the air. Kanye

has moved on and announced a new deal with Adidas on Hot 97's Angie Martinez show.

- I need some type of royalty. Nike told

me, we can't give you a royalty because

you're not a professional athlete. I told

them, I go to the guard and play one on no

one. I'm a performance athlete. The old me

without a daughter might have taken the

Nike deal, because I just love Nike so

much, blah blah blah. But the new me, with

a daughter, takes the Adidas deal, because

I have royalties and I have to provide for

my family. While this deal may come as a

surprise to some of you. Kanye has had a

long history with Adidas. He was actually

one of the early adopters of the Jeremy

Scott model. Back in 2005 we spoke with

Kanye and asked him where does he pick up

his sneakers from. I get boxes of them

from Adidas now because I really like the

vintage Rod Lavers they just came out

with. So I tell them, "Send me every pair

I size 12 that are on the continent." This

news comes at a great time for Adidas as

they just recently lost another Chicago

superstar, Derek Rose, to injury. We're

going to watch to see how this one plays

out. Hit us up on Twitter to let us know your thoughts on this new collaboration.

Kanye switches teams and goes to adidas.

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