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Jay Z and Beyoncé Announce New Project…Veganism

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- [Jinx] Last night on the eve of Jay Z's

44th birthday, he announced the 22-day

challenge. The challenge involve Jay Z

taking part in a strictly plant-based diet

or as most commonly known as Vegan. Whole

being the brain man that he is found

significance in the numbers between his

44th birthday, 22 days, 22 twos, 44 fours,

December 4, 2+2= 4, divide that. Promising

that update the public with his progress,

who was wrapping his whole challenge up on

Christmas. I'll see what you did there.

Now we saw what Jay did with throwbacks,

with as much influence as he has, can he

get hip hoppers to go vegan? That's food

for thought, you do the dishes. Oh yeah, B's doing it too.

Well, for 22 days. But 2+2=4, so you know it's up his alley.

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