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J. Cole Responds to Kendrick Lamar's "Control" Verse

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- So it's been over three months since

Kinder dropped Control. J. Cole finally

responded this weekend on Justin

Timberlake's remix to his song TKO. This

song would premiered here on Complex

features ASAP Rocky and Pusha T who are

also mentioned in the now infamous verse.

With J.Cole still to shine by speaking

directly to the effect the song has had in

his life. He opens up. He telling a

shocking moment when he realized that the

special lady in his life had Kendrick's

verse as a ringtone. Your mom's raps? Cole

world. If anyone ask me about the verse, it remains a few verse out to address K

- Dot Records. Well, it looks like the

line has been drawn. And as the verse goes

on, J.Cole eventually breaks up with his

girl because it looks like she has kinda

plan. He even shares a few tears. What

does this mean for the rumored joint out

between J.Cole and Kendrick? Let us know

on Twitter in @ComplexMag.

Cole has had enough and finally draws a line.

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