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Bun B is Collaborating With Been Trill

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- You know, Been Trill blew up for them.

It kinda-- they didn't expect it to be

what it is to be quite frank. It started

out as a movement more than anything: a

collaboration of artists, DJs, designers,

and just people, you know, on the cutting

edge of many different things that

encapsulate the culture of hip hop and it

just blew up. I'm big in the lifestyle

world and these are some of the freshest

guys in the game, you know? Everybody

knows who started Trill. That being said,

that doesn't mean that other people can't

bring something to the table to spread the

word of Trill. Mad and these guys have

always gone out of their way to let me

know that they have the utmost respect and

anything that they can do for that people

don't feel-- look, people are gonna feel

funny anyway. Their whole thing as long as

your cool, the pimp's family is cool with

what we're doing, then we don't give a

shit about anybody else that doesn't like

us. And that, that's kind of Trill in

itself to be, to be honest. But I love

what they're doing with the brand. They're

definitely getting it out to a lot more

people. We're working now to create a

collaboration between myself and Been

Trill that answers all these questions and

lets everybody know who stands where. Then

that would be bringing the Trill culture

that I represent, and maybe this new facet

that they represent, coming together under

one common Trill umbrella that everybody

understands and acknowledges.

The Trill OG speaks about working with Been Trill on upcoming collab.

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