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Bun B Blasts Ted Cruz

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- I think i can speak for most reasonable

people when i say that Taio Cruz is an

asshole, to me as far as i am concerned in

my position. Very seldom do I really like

get deep into politics cuz' most people

don't like politics and entertainment

together. Just speaking as an Individual

as a registered voter. Gross overuse

of power on his part some times

a filibuster is a good thing but

sometime's it is not. But it's a part of

the political process and I am sure being

on this side of the issue I feel a certain

way, the same way that if the party that I

acclaimed were to go into filibuster

people on the other side would feel.

It's just a part of the process you just

have to not let these kind of situations

get you disenfranchised about the process

and the political systems in

America it doesn't always work for you

but it works, you know it gets us by.

You could be living in a lot worse

countries in America. Could be in Canada with a crack mayor.

The unofficial Mayor of Houston isn't feeling Senator Ted Cruz.

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