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Most interesting person I have met? Jimmy

Aldean, he pretty much started off as an

Engineer and a Producer and then he

started up a label and then he built his

label to have big artists like Dr. Dre, 50

Cent and then he started up a headphone

company and made it a billion dollar

business. He is a genius to me so one of

the most interesting people I ever met .

First album I ever purchased was Outkast,

ATLiens. I bought it just because I was

representing for Atlanta. Probably my

first house I bought it cash because I did

not want to pay any bills so that was

probably my first . The end of the world,

when is it coming I do not know how to

answer that I do not know when the end of

the world is coming . Man I have got a lot

of them I like Magianno's because I am

Italian, well I think I am Italian because

I love Italian food. There is another spot

up here at Don Giovanni's in New York, the

Chicken Rigatoni is the truth . Show and

tell, I would probably bring in the

numbers that I put up because I do not

even really know how many platinum records

I have, I do not know how many number ones

I have, I do not know how many top tens.

You know a lot of these people that have

been successful in the music industry they

like to throw that in your face like, "I

am somebody who has so many top tens and

so many number ones", I do not keep up

with any of that so I would probably try

to get all of my numbers together and be

like this is what I did in the last year

because it is probably pretty cool . Dream

Collab, Miley Wills [SP]

and Juicy J 23 . What is up I am Mike Will

and I am a Complex Individual.

The 24-year-old producer talks about loving Italian food and his respect for Jimmy Iovine.

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