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- [Meek Mill]You know, I don't know that's

a hard one. Like getting chased by the

cops on a dirt bike. With the helicopters

and stuff like that, you know we do that

on the bikes all the time. It's like we

fighting for bike rights. We never stop

riding. That's the whole point is to get

chased until they give us, like, enough

lane to ride. I'm gonna say, like, I would

say my son. Because he's the wildest

person. He do, like, what he want all day.

Got his own attitude, like, he don't care

about no rapping. Know his daddy is famous

or nothing like that. He just do him all

the time. Like taking a shit in the

bathroom when everybody coming in. That's

probably the craziest thing. Phillips in

Erskineville is my Philly cheese-steak

spot. Steak and cheese-steak. And if you

go, like everybody out of town they go and

order cheese-steaks they order the wrong

thing. You got to put syrup with ketchup,

mayonnaise, fried onions and mustard on

it. If you order a cheese-steak. Probably

chillin' with my son Orion. Bikes or

somethin', doing back flips. Bikes in the

dirt. Racing for money maybe. That's

because bikes is my first love, but you

know still rappin'. You know, living life.

Not working as hard as I am now. A check.

A secret check. I'd just bring it and be

like y'all this is me right here. Start

off, Nikki. Let's do that first. Who else?

Kelly Rowland. Rhianna. I still like

Rhianna. That's it. I ain't gonna keep

naming off like everybody. Have me

thinking when I see them in person that I

like them. Passed out.

I guess. Uh nah, I left her panties in my

mom mailbox. Nah, then my mom went to the

mailbox and they was a girls panties in

there. I was like mom that probably came

from one of them fans or something like

that. I ain't never get a chance to read

it. I forgot what she said it said. Just

secret admirer. I don't live far from here

type stuff. Yo, whatever it's your boy

Meek Mill right here, letting y'all know.

I'm a complex individual. Double MG, DC we

in the building.

In this episode of Complex Individuals, Meek Mill shares the greatest risk he's taken in life.

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