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Lil' Debbie:

My first album I ever purchased was the Mariah Carrie Christmas album. Like, all time favorite. That's my shit, like, I'll bump it summer, winter, fall, it doesn't matter. It doesn't have to be Christmas. That was my first one. That's my bitch. The most expensive thing I ever purchased was probably my MCM handbag, which was like $800. I'm the cheapest bitch, probably, in the industry. So I like shop at Goodwill all the time. Holla at me, Goodwill, lookin' for that sponsorship. So, yeah, that's probably it. I don't like, I spend my money on like, weed, and like shit like that, you know, like the good shit. The shit that doesn't last. You know? My favorite cuss word is probably like fuckin' shit. Like, I say that all the time. What I say the other day? I said, I said, shiz-naya Twain, like, I was like hella-mad, like I say the weirdest shit, but I say fuck a lot. My mom hates it, but I don't care. For show and tell, what would I bring? My cat, Oliver. I love my cat Oliver. He's the bomb. He's so cute. That's, that's it. Dev Hines. I think he's in a band, Blood Orange. He's amazing. Oh my God, I'd die for him. He's amazing. He's written some of my favorite songs. "Losing you" with Solange, and he did, "Everything's Embarrassing." I love that song. So I would probably wanna work with him. Like, he's amazing. And he was like playin' the guitar, and like, got in the crowd and was like, singing, and I was like, oh my God. Take me home with you! My celebrity crush. This is a heartbreaker for me. Future. Future, I love you. I've loved Future forever, like, I've been listening to him since, way back. And, ot gonna lie, when he got with Sierra, I shed a couple tears. But, it's okay, he's gonna meet me one day, you know, all this, you know, he's probably gonna like all this. You know, so Sierra watch out. But yeah, definitely Future. I just, I don't know. Just I don't know, he's just, ah. He's just so beautiful. It's like everything, anyway, next question. I don't wanna talk about it anymore. Gettin' hot and bothered. My favorite song, right now, is "Losing You" by Solange. It's hard for me to keep up with the rap industry, because there's so many people, and there's always like, people coming in and out, and you know, so, I like things that keep me, you know, I have really bad anxiety, so I like to be low-key, you know, like feel-good music, I like feel-good music, I listen to a lot of Brazillian Jazz, and Frank Sinatra and shit like that. So, definitely Solange's "Losing You" and I like Rich Homie Kwan's new, "Some Type of Way." Yeah, that's my shit, I like that shit too. I mean in L.A. there's a whole bunch of fuckin' weirdos. Interesting, in a weird way, Soulja Boy. In like a weird way. You know, but. His, people skills, are a little weird. But I think that's because he got so much money at such a young age that he just doesn't know how to fuckin' act. And he's probably still, I don't know how old he is now, he's probably like 20, 21. I feel like he's still stuck at like 15 with like a million dollars, so he just doesn't know how to act. Not in a bad way. But he's just like, off a little bit. I don't know. But he's cool. Whatever. Let Soulja Boy live. Let that boy live. This is Lil' Debbie, and I'm a Complex Individual.

Lil Debbie shares some interesting tidbits on her blossoming career.

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