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- Where do I want to be if it was the end

of the world? In the jungle. I would just

be doing some yoga in the jungle. While

the monkeys and the tigers is running past

me. Oh, shit, with my ex, I was having sex

and my moms walked into offer us popcorn.

And I was like, "Come on, let's go, let's

keep going", and shit like. "No, your

mother just tried to offer me popcorn".

Fuck. I say it with an "L" though, I say,

"fluck". You should be able to say that on

the radio, right. Like if it got an "L" in

it? Because it's not necessarily, fuck.

I'll try it next time I'm on the radio. I

would bring the whole East side Mob

because I think those are some interesting

motherfuckers. How you gonna ask that? Why

you ain't say like five or something.

'Brenda's had a Baby', 'Bone and Biggie',

'Thuggish Ruggish Bone', 'Flash and

Lights', I can just think of about four

right now. I'm famous now, I ain't got no

crushes. I'm just playing. I'm just

playing. I ain't got no crushes though.

When I was in Ohio I had a girl come on

stage while I was performing and strip

down butt naked. Her titties was moving

like this while she was jumping, her

titties were just like this. Going

clockwise. I just kept performing, she was

feeling free. I don't know, get jiggy. Hey

man, this is ASAP Ferg and I'm a complex individual.

In this episode of Complex Individuals, A$AP Ferg shares his most embarrassing moment.

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