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Combat Jack:

So, Mike, you got a podcast

right now. Mike:

I do, Educated Villains.

Combat Jack:

Tell us about this, man.


The Educated Villains is actually a marriage of what you're asking me about. I got tired of having to either do smart shit or rap shit and I decided to just present what I perceive rap is, like smart shit from street people. In Educated Villains podcast, I played dope music from everybody I like. I play a lot of new shit, I play some old shit, but even bigger than that, I talk about shit that's relevant to us, everyone in this room from a hip hop perspective in a real and relative way. So I have to do a new one there 'cause I went to Europe and had an epiphany and totally changed some things politically the way I thought and I'm gonna do it. But I just think that it's partially inspired by you, too. I just think that rappers should take the opportunity to say something, you know. A lot of times our messages are in our music but because of beat and the grooves or so, dope, people miss it. And I think that we owe to audience at this point the ability

though to say something. Combat Jack:

You got an epiphany a couple of years ago. You did a song called "Drones Over Brooklyn," which is futuristic, you know, science fiction. Now we got drones flying over

JFK, man. El-P:

But it wasn't though. I don't write science fiction. And that's one of the things that I think... That's one of the battles intellectually that I fought with people who think that I do. I don't give a fuck about science fiction. To me, the idea of Drones Over Brooklyn is simply the next logical step. I'm just watching what's happening in the world and saying, "Well, two and two is four." Isn't it? I mean, if that's the case, then four is you're flying robots to control a population there. You're gonna fly robots to control a population here. It's not magic, it's not a fucking magic trick and I'm not like... I'm not, you know, I'm not talking about science fiction. Fucking drones aren't science fiction. Drones are real. If I'm gonna fucking said there will gonna be these robots that fly ten years ago, there are gonna be these robots. Just, you know, they're gonna fly in the sky and gonna being unmanned, they're gonna fight wars, they're gonna shoot children mostly. And you know, then you'd be like that science fiction. Yeah, only just because they haven't made it yet. Look, I know, look, when you see a cellphone, when you saw the big cellphone, you knew in five years that big cellphone was gonna be small. It's not fucking science fiction, it's logic. So, you know, that's all it is to it. It sucks that I'm right about most of this shit. I hate being right. I fucking hate being right because my perspective is dark. I look at shit not that I want it to be dark, but I'm motherfucking petrified for us. I'm

scared for us. Combat Jack:

So what do you

seeing next, B? El-P:

What's next if we're not careful? What's next is fascism. I mean, it's fucking there. I mean, look the legal framework for fascism has been put into our government into our, woven into a fabric of the society for the last ten years starting with the potentially and probably false flag attack of 9/11 and starting with the patriot act, and Obama, everyone's hope and savior is continuing those policies and they're getting stronger and they're getting tighter and they're clamping down. And if you fuck around, look, if there's any credence to the guy who wrote Drones Over Brooklyn on a year before drones were flying over Brooklyn, then listen to me, we're gonna be in a fascist police state. It's happening. It's there. They're not erasing a law that protects citizens against the government using the military on them because they think it would be a good idea on emergency to be able to kill Americans. They're using it because they kind of maybe wanna plan to do that. They're not erasing, they're not stripping you of your right to representation if you're accused of suspected terrorism while the definition of terrorism expands every time they sit down to the table to include people with guns, to include people who talk about the constitution, to include...

They're not... Combat Jack:

People with

ideas. Mike:

And I'm not saying every conspiracy. But just like a copper tail, we follow stereotypes because 90% of the time they're true. If I'm living in a country that put smallpocks in blankets, allow black mini carry syphilis through, purposely rape the black farmers of over 30 millio acres of land, I cannot beat that. You'll fuck over anybody. And people say, "Well, the police and the government won't kill regular citizens." Well, what happened to all those prisoners in New Orleans? No one remembers watching the news on New Orleans and the prisoners standing on the fucking expressway. No one ever realizes that they were never talked about again. No one ever realizes that cops were actually brawled up in investigating for murdering them? Like no one realizes that people become expendable in those types of time, like the theories and shit that you're thinking it's just because people will hate you more for telling them the truth because they can't

turn away. El-P:

Where's the leap of logic? Where's the leap of logic? Like how does it work? I wanna know our works for people who do not believe i conspiracies. I wanna know how you can get out fucking conspiracy but how do you trust someone if you have a friend and that friend regularly murders other people, regularly murders them viciously and ruthlessly without a thought, psychopathically and as a habit, regularly murders other people. Why are you so convinced that you are the exception to that person's psychopathic behavior? Why? How can you...? If I know a motherfucker and he's a murderer, even if he's an old friend, "Hey, man. You know, but I'm not hanging out with you. I'm not hanging out with you because you're a murderer." So why is it that all of a sudden, how is it that we're the

exceptions of fucking logic? Mike:

Even black me and being jailed more. Like, why is an increase in population black and Latino men? 'Cause it's slavery. "What do you mean? According to the 13th Amendment, slavery is illegal in the United States unless you are a property of the State, meaning in prison. So it would make sense to me that there's a population of men who are doubly unemployed, who are non-violent drug offenders, stop and frisk makes

fucking sick. Combat Jack:

Who look the

same exactly. Mike:

Because I know if I lock more of them up, then more free shit is happening. So people say, "Well, I'm not wearing anything made from jail." But have you noticed they don't hire as many people for city jobs anymore. What does that mean? Because your city expressways

are now cleaned by prisoners. El-P:

When people tell me, you know, talk about conspiracy theories, isn't that just a big word for a plan? Like, isn't that... Like I literally made a plan to come here. I got here, I made a plan with Mike, I called him and we got here. That's a plan. It took a conspiracy to get this fucking mug on your table. You know how, you know where this mug comes from? No, you don't.

No, you don't. Mike:

Yes, straight the

fuck up. El-P:

But it should say "Made in Jail." Mike: Exactly. Dallas: Made in

Myanmar. El-P:

The best thing that could ever happen for the world would be for my albums to not make any sense. The best thing that could ever happen for humanity is for me to be crazy, just for me to be crazy.

In this episode of The Combat Jack Show, Killer Mike and El-P explain the ways they educate listeners through their music as well as other endeavors.

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