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- I'm Dariany Santana and you're watching

the C List. First impressions are everything,

and few have greater impact

than a hip hop artist's debut album. These

are Complex TV's five greatest debut

albums in hip hop history.

Number five Raekwon,

only built for Cuban Linx. The spaces Rza leaves are filled with

incredibly tight verses and narratives

from The Chef and Ghostface.

Number four, the Notorious

B.I.G, Ready To Die.

Whats sets this album

apart from others, is how

it blends the dreams of the Brooklyn

dweller, both empowering and destructive.

It resonates with '90s hip hop fans and

listeners today. Number three, Wu Tang

Clan, 36 Chambers. Its interesting to

think how left field 36 Chambers must have sounded back in the day.

With classics like, Protect your Neck

and Cream, it's

obvious that there was some gold to be

found, within the grime. And coming in at

number two is, Dr. Dre, the Chronic. Young

Snoop was one of the most unique voices that hip hop had ever heard.

The album became a huge

commercial smash, thanks to

it's pop appeal and catchy hooks. Number

one, Nas, Illmatic. Illmatic is the perfect rap album.

There it is the five greatest debut

albums in hip hop history.

I'm Dariany Santana for Complex TV and

remember, first impressions, do matter.

In this episode of the C-List, Dariany Santana counts down the 5 greatest debut albums in hip-hop history.

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