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- I'm Dariany Santana and you're watching

the C-List. You can't sum up the

achievement of the 5 women currently

running pop culture with a single word.

You just know that there's something about

them that's mesmerizing. This is Complex

TV's 5 Hottest Women right now. Number 5,

Kerry Washington. After scoring a big hit

with her performance in Django Unchained,

Kerry Washington took it to another level

with Scandal. In 2013, People magazine

ranks her as number 2 on their hundred

most beautiful list. Number 4, Beyonce.

This year alone, she was named one of Time

magazine's 100 most influential people in

the world. And sang the national anthem at

President Obama's inauguration. Number 3,

Jennifer Lawrence. The young actress has

become one of the most sought after names

in Hollywood. Winning an Oscar for Silver

lining's Playbook and being named one of

Time magazine's 100 most influential

people in the world. We're counting down

the 5 hottest women right now on Complex

TV. Comin' in at number 2 is Alison Brie.

For stand out performance on any NBC's

much loved but little watched Community on

Trudy on Madman have helped repelled her

to wide recognition. And number 1 is

Rihanna. Rihanna has continued to enjoy

huge succes in her career. She took home

7th Grammy and also debuted her own

fashion line during London Fashion Week.

So there you have it, the top 5 hottest

women right now. I'm Dariany Santana for

Complex TV. What's good Complex can your

host make a nice list item...did you wrote


There's no question that the women discussed in this new episode of the C-List make the world a more beautiful place.

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