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I'm Deriania Santana, and you're watching

the C-list.

- While some athletic misbehavior can be

regulated, the refs can't catch

everything. From the NBA, to figure

skating, and all the sports in between,

check out Complex TV's list of the

dirtiest athlete in sport's history.

- Coming in at number five is, Football's

Bill Romanowski. From spitting on opposing

players, to knocking down his own

teammates, Romanowski's ways were more fit

for backyard MMA than they were for the

NFL. Number four is basketball's Bruce

Bowen. How did the undrafted guard carve

out a successful 14 year career for

himself? Sneaky low blows, and an entire

arsenal of dirty plays. He's widely

regarded as one of the dirtiest NBA

players in league history. Number three is

Soccer's Roy Keane. The former Manchester

United captain jointly holds the record

for the most red cards, 13 in premier

league play. Even though we all know

getting 13 red cards while playing for

Manu is really equal to around 30 in any

other club, red devils indeed. Number two

is Boxing's Luis Resto. After his 1983

bout with Billy Collins Junior, Resto was

found to be using hand rocks cast in

plaster paris. Resto was sentenced to 2

1/2 years in prison. Collin's boxing

career was subsequently ended due to

permanent eye damage. Less than a year

later Collins ran his car into a ditch,

killing himself instantly. Number one is

Hockey's Marty Mcsorley. Mcsorley had

already established himself as one of the

NHL's most brutal enforcers when his

vicious hit on Donald Brashear became one

of the most shocking moments in sport's

history. The attack resulted in an assault

conviction, and one year suspension. There

you have it, the dirtiest athletes in

sports history. I'm Dariana Santana with

Complex TV, keep it clean.

Complex dishes the dirt on the 5 Dirtiest Athletes in Sports History on the C-List.

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