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- My go-to, often, in high-school, was a

high yellow Lacoste shirt with like some

nice blue jeans I had, nice Air Force Ones

that I kept, you know, fresh. First I

think I would make it kind of versatile

where you could make it long-sleeve and

short-sleeve. It would definitely be a

slim fit. For prints, it's gonna have to

be something I sit down and design and try

to make it different from anything else

anybody done seen. Before I go on the road

I mean I kinda gotta try on my clothes,

make sure it looks right. Nothing special,

but make sure I'm dressed up to par. I

always pack my glasses, you know, I just

kinda switch my lenses out based on the

outfit, just make sure I look nice,

basically. That type of stuff stays in my

bag, kinda never comes out. Oh that's

easy, you know that! Mr. Why Not. Why not

is what I use. Come talk to me, maybe you

can learn something.

Russell Westbrook talks about his personal style, on-the-road essentials, and finally addresses all the haters.

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