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Jenny Slate | Complex Interview 2013

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- Hi, I'm Jenny Slate, and today we will

be decoding your girlfriend's tone.

- Hmm. Oh, yeah, that, this tastes so


- Hmm, I'm just going to be out with the

girls for a little bit.

- Mmm, hmm, mmm. Yeah, me, too. I love,

hum, mmm.

- So, have you talked to Britney lately,

or, did she finally die?

- Don't worry. I didn't say anything. We

talked about, um, nachos and bras and, you

know, not secrets. So, you're in the


- I like it when guys have pecs, but also

when they have just like full, soft titties.

- Ah, I went out with Patrick, ah,

Patricia. You don't know her. She has a penis, ah, vagina. - Ha, ha, ha. Ugh. Mmm. - Cool. Work...on that. Sex.

- Who's coming over tonight? And for how

long and also, no.

- Go and fuck yourself because you're a

pussy. You're a piece of shit. You're an

asshole, and you should burn in hell. So,

go and fuck your own self in your own ass, okay? Thanks.

- I fee like Whitney Houston. She sweated

a lot, she used to sweat a lot. Alright, Pete. Alright, Pete.

Having endured insults, an ex's long-legged shadow, and dinner-table drama, Jenny uniquely qualified to dole out advice to anyone meeting their significant other's relatives over the holidays.

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