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Evil Dead Star Jessica Lucas Talks Scary Movies & Obsessive Genre Fans

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- Having Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi sign

off on Evil Dead has been a major relief.

I probably woulda done the movie if they

didn't. I think it's such a beloved

franchise that there can be a lotta

pressure surrounding that, but the fact

that they're supporting it is great. Bruce

Campbell actually sent us an email two

days before we started the first day of

shooting, and he just told us to not be so

worried about trying to create anything

they had already done, to make it our own,

and he said something that I thought was

really interesting, was: movies that are

easy to make are hard to watch. Shooting a

horror film is not scary in the slightest.

It's kinda like what they say about doing

love scenes, that they're not awkward.

Shooting horror stuff is not scary. I

mean, there's tons of bright lights,

there's people around and, you know,

you're covered in blood and you're

screaming, and you're just uncomfortable,

so it's not scary. What's my favorite

thing about being scared? I don't--that's

a good question. I actually don't know why

people like to be scared. I think it's

just knowing that it's not real, and...

there's something about turning on my

lights in my house, and, like, usually

being with a group of people. I don't like

to watch horror movies alone. And just...

I don't know, getting that thrill. And who

knows where that comes from, but it's... it's a good feeling.

The one horror film that I always talk

about that I love, um, is The Ring. It

came out when I was in high school and I

remember seeing it in a theater full of

people and just being terrified, and I

went home that night and I was scared to

go to bed. But the gory films don't do it

for me. It's more the psychological. Those

kinds of movies really get me. I've never

had crazy fan passion for anything, where

I've been obsessed. I mean, I think that

'cause I do it for a living, I understand

what goes into making it. When you become

quite obsessed with things, you turn into

this sort of cult, obsessive society, and

I think that has a lot to do with, like,

the accessibility of things, and the

internet, and we're able to just talk

about things with people a lot easier than

we ever used to be able to. And so it

feeds that fan passion and that frenzy.

I've heard that the fans of Evil Dead are

intense, and that they love the movies, so

hopefully we don't let them down, because

I don't want anybody stalking me or

wanting to do weird things to me. Um, I,

yeah. But like I said, I think if they

just remember that, uh, we're not trying

to create the original, we're doing our

own thing with it. We're gonna get you.

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