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That's Love Interlude - Chance The Rapper | In The Lab

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It's funny 'cause That's Love came from another track called It's Electric that, that we started on, yeah, I hope you got that ad-lib in the background, in that mic of yours. There's a song called It's Electric that started off with Louie Gardenson who actually produced for Childish, I met him through Childish on a tour or whatever, but he did, you know this whole camp EPN. I, uh, I started on, I started on, um, on That's Love like the second or third session that we went for It's Electric, which was like, you know, like, a very big song that I'm gonna release one day if I ever finish it, but it's not, you know, it's still good to listen to it, um, but I wanted to do something more soulfull and more churchy and more... I wanted a interlude, you know, and it was the one song that I felt like only really, really only needed to be one verse. And it's funny cause it's actually the quickest I've ever a finished a song also, at least, like, at least as far as Acid Rap goes. It was like, I got in the studio, and the song was just, just those piano chords that are in the beginning, for, as the whole loop when I wrote it. And, after I laid down the verse, we laid everything else on top of it, and that was when I got to get my production in it, get those drums, I'm super proud of it. And um, it was just like, it just sounded perfect when we had that piece, and that component it was like, this tape is real, like this is not mix-tape, this is you know, a project. Whatever it is, you know what I'm sayin', this is big.

Chance The Rapper discusses track #7 on his album--Acid Rap, titled That's Love Interlude.

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