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Pusha Man - Chance The Rapper | In The Lab

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It's weird like, that was kinda towards the end of the tape, I'd been workin' with Nate Fox for a while. Who produced most of the tracks on the tape. He was in town. Well he wasn't in town, but his boy Fam was in town. Who's a manager, official artist. We were just fuckin' around at their studio, Elevator Studios, and he played this track for me, where Nate was rapping. Well Nate was doin' the hook. And I think Nate had a verse on that bitch, too, actually. But it was Nate and Fam, these two white dudes from Cleveland, or from Pittsburgh that were like, you know what I'm sayin', rappin' on this hot-ass beat, this seige from 298. And, I heard it, and I actually called up Nate, and I was like, yo, I need this track. You can keep the hook, but you gotta take off everyone else's voices. I never do that shit, but I just thought like, you know when I heard it I instantly heard that, just like, you know, it was a, it was a big deal. I recorded that shit like four times. I wanted to have the proper balance with my voice. Like I wrote the, it was the same verse, but I just switched up the flows like three times. Like the exact same verse, though. Man. That track is fire, though. And the bounce on the on the ad-lib. Like, it's just like, I don't know. It's fire.

Chance The Rapper discusses track #2 on his album--Acid Rap, titled Pusha Man.

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