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G-Eazy | A Jambalaya Set

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- Jumbalaya color right there. I just made

that up. That is my new color. That would

be the color Maker's Mark. See that, that

golden orange red tint. Jay Z has Jay Z blue, I have Jumbalaya red.

- I basically been on tour the whole like

year, you know it's been good. I finally

filled this grass roots fan base up, but

now I am like what is going to take me to

the next level in music? So I am really

working hard on this new album. We are

planning a couple of new music videos. A

big roll out plan for that. Like I am not

just satisfied to be right here where I am

at this level, I want to push things

forward and you know and really take that

next step.

- Everybody I was really into a really

big young. I still remember that and I

still play that music now and it will take

me back to that freedom of life and it is

crazy to think that you know for some

people that my music may be that now. Even

twenty years from now they can go back and

listen an ODEZ record. I just hope its

still tight when you listen to it. It's

not like oh man I was trippin, what was into right there.

- My birthday is today so for this trip we

decided to bring out 15 homies on the tour

so we just partied into oblivion last

night and tonight is going to be even crazier.

Since we are out here in Austin, I love

Austin. I want to do something, something big.

- We have all friends from New Orleans and

then I sent the tweet like, yo I am

throwing a big house party, games on me.

Email this. We made an email address for

it. For RSVP and um its gonna, it's gonna

be hot.

- Austin Texas. Man like I said my name is

G Ezee. I am from Oakland California and

tonight is my mother fucking birthday. I

wouldn't rather be anywhere else in the

world then right here with you all at

Austin Texas.

Oakland's up and coming rapper G-Eazy took some time out from Jambalaya Festival 2013 in Houston Texas to shed some light on his upcoming future plans, and the legacy he hopes to leave behind once it's all said and done.

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