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Favorite Song - Chance The Rapper | In The Lab

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Yes, I was in Chicago with you-


We were Nao's. We were at Nao's spot. That was the first place we

recorded. Speaker:

Yeah, we spent a long

day there. Chance:

Yeah, and we were, and I remember we made "Chain Smoker" was that the same day we did "Favorite Song" and

lost? Speaker:

I was not, no, "Favorite Song" happened when you were in L.A. and I

was in the studio with Duke. Chance:


Vic? Speaker:

And Vic, and he got his laptop stolen out of the van. And I played it for you, and I think Vic even started

writing to it. Chance:

That's what's crazy is Vic swore up and down that "Favorite Song" was his song. 'Cause I remember, we were in the, I remember the sessio very well. You are messin' this up man. You are ruinin' this right now. You are runinin'

this right now. You, you are. Speaker:

So no, he was in the studio, and he was

writing. Chance:

Yeah, and he was, and he had started on like a verse or whatever, and I had already had that "this is my favorite song, you just don't know the words." And I don't even think I got anything past that, but I remember I was writin' that shit in the studio. But I could never tell if it was that beat. 'Cause that was a chorus that I tried to use for a couple different songs. And then, you showed it to me at the studio, and I made it, and I remember when I showed it to Vic, he was like, you should let me hop on that beats, 'cause that was my song. And then I was like hell no.


No, I just remember everybody being in the studio, but you're the only-


I recorded that verse, I didn't

record daily. Speaker:

Somebody laid some

vocals on something. Chance:

I think Vic did. But when, I didn't start on "Favorite Song" until we got back to Chicago. Like, do you remember like the session where I made that shit, and Joey was there?


You made "Chain Smoker" and "Favorite Song" in the same session.


Really? 'Cause I was there for

the first- Speaker:

And it was in like

June or July. Chance:

I think, or was "Favorite Song" and "Lost" the same

session? Speaker:

No, it was "Chain Smoker" and "Favorite Song" I know for sure, cause I called Dev and I was like,

this shit's crazy. Chance:

It was fire.


Just wait. Don't put it out. Don't put it out. And like, we could get Donalds on it. Like, that was his idea

from the beginning. Chance:

For which one, for "Chain Smoker?" For "Favorite Song."


He's like, he was like, yeah, don't put it out, we have to Donalds on

this, like this is amazing. Chance:

Yeah that shit was, that beat was hot fire. Chicago.

Chance The Rapper discusses track #8 on his album--Acid Rap titled Favorite Song

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