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Everybody's Something - Chance The Rapper | In The Lab

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"Everybody's Something" is--was produced by DJ Ozone, who was my DJ for a while. I just remember we were sitting in a room playing shit out the speakers, and Ozone was like, "'Yo, I got this shit for you." And it was the hottest shit I ever heard as like Slum Village joint. But it was like slowed down with some superbly hot shit. And I remember one night when I was making this completely, like, irrelevant song, like, just this very, like, this dark, like, random track I was making one night when I was o set. Like, I started freaking out, and I had, like, something going and my gum started bleeding but, like, profusely. Yeah it was the craziest shit that ever happened to me. At Classic Studios. And my shit started, like, just like, I don't know why. It was just like a lot of blood started coming out of my mouth. I thought I was about to die. I was writing a depressing track at the same time. And I was also zoning. So I'm like--I called out Vic and I was like, "'Yo, like, my mouth is bleeding really bad. G, I don't know what the fuck I'm trying to do." And he was like, "G, come here. Let me see." I just realized how deep I got into the story. It doesn't really have that much to do with the fact that my gums were bleeding. But I'm painting the scene for you right now. He--so he called the-- we called the--we called 911 and shit. And then we realized we was tweaking. I just remember we were talking about people and how people are, you know, like, obsessed with things that of the world, you know? And how people are, you know, just people and should be obsessed with other people and, you know? And I remember I was talking to--I said that everybody is somebody's everything. Ended up keeping it for the next time I got in the studio. And I just happen to be recording over that "Fall in Love" track, and it just seem like it fit so well. I wanted to talk about a lot of different shit on that one track, you know, but keep everything really connected and keep it, unversal and shit that everyone could relate to but still, you know, very personally. I don't know. It's my--it is my favorite song. I say that about a lot of the tracks, but, like, it's--to this day it's like something I was proud of 'cause it seems like the pieces come from everywhere. And that I can map my life with my songs. I can remember where I was for certain songs and what were going on, you know? And that song was like from so many different places, you know?

Chance The Rapper discusses track #6 on his album--Acid Rap, titled Everybody's Something.

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