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Big Boi | A Jambalaya Set

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- Do we do the song after the sole signing

autograph of the fans and things, we go

partying to about four, five in the

morning six o,clock. Sleeping 'bout six,

seven, eight hours. Wake up eat a peanut

and jelly sandwich.

Get back on the stage and

do it again, you know.

Get the toxic of the skin

and the liquor that has been drunk.

- On the stage the night is watching with

Daddy fair circles... and they be trying

to kiss me in the mouth but I'll be

blocking like this mmmh like this and mmmh like that.

- I draw my inspiration from life, living

life in general by things that is going on

in the world and most high, Jesus, that is

where I draw my super power from, chill. I

answer all questions with impunity I'm

straight forward and one day might be the

president of the United Sates of America,

Believe that. Ronald Reagan did.

In between shows at Jambalaya, presented by Complex TV and produced by ScoreMore, veteran rapper Big Boi touched on where he draws inspiration for his music.

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