New Bill Promises To Hold Retailers More Accountable For Consumer Data Breaches

New Bill Promises To Hold Retailers More Accountable For Consumer Data BreachesImage via jacqueline_poggi on Flickr

There seems to be no reprieve from the endless string of retailer hacks and attacks that have compromised consumer data en masse recently. To redress the crisis, especially after high-profile breaches like those that hit Target and Neiman Marcus, a group of senators led by Democrat Dianne Feinstein has introduced a new bill that promises to offer more protection for consumers.

The Data Security and Breach Notification Act, which follows at least six precedents with a similar aim, intends to make businesses more responsible for informing the public when customer data is accessed by unauthorized third parties. The bill aims to create a federally mandated set of standards by which companies must abide, bringing some order to the mishmash of existing laws that vary from state to state.

“This is a real and growing problem. The legislation...will ensure that Americans’ sensitive personal and financial information is stored securely, that Americans receive prompt notification when this information is compromised and that law enforcement is promptly notified in order to prosecute cybercrime,” said Feinstein. “The breaches are getting more frequent and members of Congress—of both parties and across different congressional committees—must come together to pass this common-sense plan to protect the American consumer.”

But not all bills become law and there’s no telling how successful this latest iteration will be.

[via The Verge]

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